Tell Us You’re A White Liberal

That Hasn’t Done The Work

5 min readJul 4, 2021
Woman holding a sign that reads “We are better than this.”
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

This could easily apply to any non-trumper as well. Sure, there will be those outside of white people that say these same things, but the vast majority will be white people. Because white people love a catchy phrase, a dance they can copy, a culture they can appropriate, and so on. Their activism extends to a cliched response and little beyond and it becomes beyond frustrating for those who interact with them. Here’s some phrases that clearly show white people haven’t done the work of confronting the white supremacist system they’re in.

Victors Tell The Tales

“You’re on the wrong side of history!”

“History won’t look back on you fondly!”

This is one of the most comical and annoying phrases a plethora of white people use. From the average liberal to celebrities, they love to let a Republican or Democrat know that the history books won’t speak positively about them.

It’s asinine because we are currently, and have been for generations, living in a system whose education is centered around a white-centric, white savior narrative. It’s instilled in us with the Thanksgiving feast of how wonderful it was when Indigenous people and white colonials came together to break bread. And it continues on.




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