Rose McGowan Is The 53% White Women

*Paging White Women — Stop Giving Us Problems.

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Even after this, there will be white feminists who, rather than acknowledging that people like Rose McGowan are faux allies, same as her ‘Charmed’ sister, Alyssa Milano, will instead complain about the unfairness of painting white women in large swaths with the same distrustful brush. If that’s the case they need to stand right beside Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler and all the other white women who are fighting for their piece of the white pie. Their issue is not about gender, that’s merely the guise they use to lure allies and get attention.

They are upset because, depending on circumstances and situation, the hierarchy of power changes. White men are always at the top. Next, depending, is either white women or Black men/MoC. This is why white women are upset. They are vying for second place in the power rankings. They are not second everywhere, all the time and for them that is a betrayal by their white men.

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They will scream at white men not because of how women are treated, but because of how white women are, again at times, treated as less than a non-white man. After all, they are groups where men are considered worthier than women like tech bros and their toxic environment.

That is also why they have no regard for women’s rights or suffering when it is at an intersection of oppressed groups. They do not care because how is helping a Black women going to further their race agenda? These are the same people who do not understand that to help those who are the most oppressed, the most marginalized effectively creates a society that is fairer. Nope, they actually do get it. They do understand and that’s why they have a problem.

Rose McGowan is the white women equivalent of the vapid people who sympathize with millionaires because they hope to one day be that millionaire, mistreating their employees and hoarding money for themselves. Their need for greed and to lord it over those they feel superior to trumps justice and equality. These are the white women who fight sexism but their goal is to be equivalent to a white man — just white women, no other groups. If they can’t get that then, at the very least, they want to ensure that in all situations they are second in the hierarchy.

Rose McGowan is not only the 53% of white women that voted for Trump — she easily fits into the “resistance” fighting white women who again hate Trump for what he is doing to white people outside of the white, male, cis-gender classification. Comical really that she did not see that, but somehow feels she is above them because she transcends (cough* bullshit!) political affiliations.

Let’s analyze some of this classic white women speak. First, her argument for being a Republican and not a Democrat is because she doesn’t like the Clintons.

If the Democratic party was solely made up of the Clintons and no one else, this may make sense. However, there are plenty of people who don’t like a member, or several members, of a party and yet are still members so that reasoning makes no sense. It makes even less sense when you look at the opposing side filled with Republicans who want to strip rights away from LGBTQ, women, Black people and people of color.

She’s reminiscent of the kid you played games with as a child who said to “team up” only to sneakily kill you when convenient for them then remind you, when you in turn try to kill them, that you are a “team”.

White women spout allyship and standing united against all men then turn around and throw everyone else under the bus when they decide it is time to dissolve those loyalties.

Unity, for these white women, simply means be backup or support when they need you, then go away when they don’t — quietly.

The Known Evil

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This phrase of the “evil you know” is just as annoying and weak as the “lesser evil” argument. While no person is completely good as we are fallible and will make mistakes, the issue is:

What kind of mistakes they make? Are we talking walking out of the store with lipstick you didn’t buy mistake or opting to keep laws that allow men to marry children mistake?

How often do the repeat essentially the same mistake? Apologies have no meaning, when a person simply says sorry and repeats the offense again later.

Do they learn from their mistakes? This is key. Do they critique themselves? Do they search out information and engage with people who their words or actions harmed? Do they take the time to be better or do they believe an apology is all the growth they need?

There are Republicans who are actively trying to legally devalue lives outside of white cis men. Why anyone would vote for them, knowing this and espousing, “well at least I know what evil I’m getting” is beyond me.

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This is precisely why we side eye white women. It’s not only because they have someone like this in their ranks, but because they are usually that woman.

Because when these white women err countless others will come to their aid, turn on us and shout that our rightful hurt or anger is playing into trump or Republican hands — not what white women like Rose McGowan are doing or the surge of white women defending her — just us. Our pointing our their failures is the problem. We are divisive for no other reason than that we point out divisions.

This is typical behavior that faux allies concern themselves with — faux unity.

This is why when anything happens in the women community outside of white women those same “allies” are characteristically silent. That’s their trademark. They don’t share those stories on social media, they don’t talk about them at conferences except in a tokenistic capacity and they don’t champion those stories because those stories don’t matter.

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White women came to defend her and point out her trauma as a reason that she should get a pass. Some even took it further to state how we are quick to point out her mistakes and don’t get mad at men.

First, her white women statement made this an issue outside of women. That she was comfortable stating this shows she was falling back on her whiteness because, by being white, the effects of Republican elected representatives in government will have less of an impact on her and she knows that which is why, to her, that “sh*t” doesn’t matter. Many of us don’t have the luxury. We know that policies and laws created by Republicans will directly impact us first and on several fronts.

So while her trauma may play a part, her whiteness definitely does because whiteness is a disregard for the suffering of others outside of whiteness. It’s the attitude of “well, they treat me good so *shrug” mentality that ignores all else. It is what white women fall back on when they are scared or uncomfortable because whiteness enshrouds them in a cushion so that the impact is lessened. Her trauma doesn’t not excuse her from being held accountable for her words or actions.

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As for calling out men, many of us do call out awful men. We are able to do both, isn’t that amazing?! It’s not, nor never should be, stand by all women or stand by all men. Words and actions that hurt or harm need to be called out everywhere. No one gets a pass. We all need to be able to learn and how is that going to be possible if we don’t point out the harmful behavior?

Same as when you’re in a relationship. You don’t remain silent while your partner repeatedly does something offensive or hurtful, then decide after they’ve done it twenty times that you have a problem. You point it out immediately so that they know, up front, that this will be an issue if it happens again. All you do by letting the behavior slide is let them build up a habit and give them an excuse to fall back on — “I do this all the time and you never had a problem before”.

White women who voted for trump did so out of self interests with no regard for anyone else and that is what Rose’s tweet basically stated. That’s why she was called out.

To do better we have to expect better — from each other and from ourselves. Change doesn’t come from a place of comfort. So let’s get uncomfortable.

And stop killing us in these games. If we are a “team”, let’s be a team support us like you want us to support you. Be an authentic ally.

Multi-ethnic creative non-binary. Spouts nonsense that occasionally makes sense. she/her/they/them

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