Lana Del Rey Plays “The Victim”

After All…Black Women Are Succeeding And That Ain’t Right

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Either we all have more time, due to miss rona, and we are noticing more of these racist rants, or white people, white women in particular, are losing their collective senses while ensconced in their luxurious residences. Wasn’t it just a week ago that Alison Roman decided to use women of color as a comparison to her white privileged self? One has to wonder if Lana saw how that played out for Alison Roman and, if she did, why did she still feel compelled to post her contrived victimhood rant.

Let’s Be Clear!

This desire to claim victimhood is rampant inside whiteness, especially white women, and spilling out of them as though its clogged every orifice in their body and they have no choice but to projectile vomit it all over the news and social media.

From the start it’s clear she’s on a particular misogynoir tear with her “question for the culture". That, combined with the successf Black women she listed, made it clear she is complaining that these Black women are outshining her. Who’s culture are we talking about here? The one often mined by white people for their own financial gain while criticizing, looking down on, and holding down the creators?

Delusions of Whiteness

I mean…there’s no other word for it. Why else would Lana imply she’s paved the way for women in the music industry? Apologies but not everyone even knows who she is. I only heard of her through two things, a song from The Great Gatsby (which I didn’t like), and a cover of her song on American Horror Story: Freakshow (which I liked better than hers).

Many women, particularly Black women have sung about abusive relationships, love, pain and every emotion in between for decades now, so how does anyone in this industry have Lana to thank for paving the way? The reason she ignores it is because she is drenched in her own supposed greatness without any evidence of it. From Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin Down” and “No More Drama” to Aretha Franklin to Billie Holiday songs have existed about love and pain long before Lana was a thought.

Ignoring decades of songs sung by women isn’t the way to argue you’re being ignored.

It’s Out Of Love

She is really reaching. To say that she brought up these artists as proof that she is being treated unfairly because she loves these singers makes the mind whirl.

You bring up someone who is successful as a comparison because you either don’t like them, they are horrible people or you perceive yourself to be superior to them or all of the above. Think of every person, show where someone compares themselves to someone else and decries the unfairness of another’s success. It’s rarely from a place of love.

Her complaint reeks of “why am I, a white women not as successful as the Black women I’ve named?!” To even claim none of the other artists are harangued for their style and lyrics demonstrates her lack of awareness of anything outside her white, privileged bubble.

Photo by Pam Sharpe on Unsplash

Black women, in any industry are going to see a lot more hate and barriers in their way, but Lana doesn’t realize that because they are not white, so it’s expected that they will struggle. What isn’t expected is that they outshine her and so that’s what she notices.

Our successes will always be noticed because whiteness doesn’t want us to succeed above them. When we do, it’s a problem as evidenced by Lana’s white woman whingeing.

Lana could’ve said all the complaints about the industry, as there is plenty wrong with it, without using whataboutism to put eyes on Black women yet again as though they aren’t the targets regularly.

But of course Karens have to Karen. Any time they are told ‘no’, overlooked or criticized they fall back into “I’m a delicate flower” (a tactic that has cost Black people their lives) and wait for the cavalry, because white women fragility always…always has a cavalry.

Multi-ethnic creative non-binary. Spouts nonsense that occasionally makes sense. she/her/they/them

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