If you are white you don’t know racism because you do not experience it here. You are saying what every other person has tried to argue: that a definition (created by white ppl) and a legal system (created by white ppl) know what racism is rather than the ppl actually experiencing. That is ridiculous.

You also try to claim that this talk is divisive, a common white supremacist argument meant to silent ppl and label them as instigators. Same mundane arguments and complaints, just different wording.

A group cannot experience oppression based on skin color in a country where their skin color gives them advantages because the system, designed from its inception, was meant to function that way.

I’d suggest research but you won’t bother as you just want to argue you’re right and I honestly dont care as it’s you either didn’t or barely read the piece. If you wanted a discussion and growth you’d have taken time to read material outside of whiteness. This will be the first and last reply. Ta-ta.

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Multi-ethnic creative non-binary. Spouts nonsense that occasionally makes sense. she/her/they/them

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