The Entitlement and Privilege Just Leaps Out, Huh?

On social media, there were a lot of Black people and people of color who wondered whether Biden/Kamala winning the presidential election would shift white people’s focus away from marginalized communities. Unsurprisingly, but still annoyingly, that shift has already commenced. It was marginalized communities of Black people—especially Black women, Latinx people, Indigenous people, disabled people who not only rallied themselves, but did amazing work to fight voter suppression, and register a slew of new voters. But apparently, now that Biden won, we have to focus on the most important thing—how white people are feeling. …

Allyship Till It’s Your Friend—Then It’s “Bigger Issues”

2020 is the premiere year for exposing all the problematic MAGA hat-wearing, “a little Republican” lying, “play a tree” foolishness of celebrities. I’m truly interested in seeing a compiled list of all the people who showed their true colors in 2020, because that list is long and diverse.

But this is about Chris Pratt, and the ludicrous need to show him support on social media because…he’s the least favorite Chris.

It started so simple. This isn’t the first poll about the celeb Chrises, but times are different and we know more about some of these celebrities.

That being the…

We Don’t Need Them and We Never Did

A neon sign that says “This is the sign you’ve been looking for”.
A neon sign that says “This is the sign you’ve been looking for”.

Yes, they can be entertaining. Yes, a well-written story can give us a character that has depth and grows to be a better person. But everytime they create these types of characters it seems people wanna hand out the benefit of the doubt on the street, hoping they will get that diamond in the rough we see on our favorite shows. Not gonna happen. Even those characters that grew on us would likely treat us horribly because we are not white.

Melvin Udall Won’t Be An Ally…Unless Carol Will Have Sex With Him

Yes, As Good As It Gets, was beloved when it dropped in 1997. However, let’s look at Melvin Udall…

Stop Doing Their Work For Them

If you use social media, watch the news or even engage in conversation, you will encounter someone who will be doing their part to maintain the white supremacy status quo. News flash: a person does not have to be white to perpetuate a white supremacist mindset. That’s why white supremacy is dangerous and insidious. We have been fed it our whole lives via society, education, government and even family. We internalize it, then espouse the same destructive rhetoric. Here’s some phrases to avoid, as they propel white supremacy.

Meritocracy Myth Phrases

They’ve Been Trash For A While

We all know social media didn’t actually start enforcing any rules restricting, suspending or banning Trump’s hateful rhetoric until we were in the 2020 presidential election. They were not being cowardly. They were concerned with their bottom line.

That’s why Facebook is banning Trump now. Also mind you, this ban is temporary and it will lift in 2023. It has nothing to do with Trump’s constant misinformation, or inciting violence. He talked about violence on his campaign trail before he was elected. Time and again, Trump responds with bullying, lies and childish threats and Facebook had little issue with it.

“You Thought We Meant Us? Funny”

“Treating people right is a fundamental way of how we do business.” Though hypocritical statements are as common as weird food concoctions for white people, it’s still comical to see this under the about page with the subheading of “Giving a damn.” But if you’re hoping calling out their hypocrisy is going to do anything, it won’t because people like this thrive on the appearance of allyship, not the work. Hence, their discomfort, their new policies at Basecamp and their swing closer to the right—not that they were ever really too far away.

How It Started

The spiral began when Jason Fried, one…

Police Do More Harm Than Good Even If They Were There For You Once Or Twice

Police abolition is hated not only by Republicans, but Democrat conservative (Republicans by another name) and many Democrats. Across many demographics, it is viewed as not only a harmful idea made to destroy society. As though society is so amazing for everyone now. There are protestors being arrested and abused daily, Black kids and adults being murdered by police and there’s little accountability, but the issue is getting rid of the largest state-sanctioned gang in the country?

Many people who argue against police abolition, act like it is something new that the “liberal left” has created to scare some Democrats…

Image of a cinema in a pink hue
Image of a cinema in a pink hue

During the pandemic, while grueling and heartbreaking given the countless, senseless loss of lives, there was one thing many people hoped for. That, as various industries were forced to adjust to a more remote form of work, which allowed for a bit more inclusion, it would continue when the pandemic ends. People hoped that schools and jobs that could easily be done remotely for some would allow that option for those who work and learn better from home even after the pandemic passes.

For film critics, the hope was that the festivals and screeners would be available virtually after the…

“History must restore what slavery took away, for it is the social damage of slavery that the present generation must repair and offset. Pride of race is the antidote to prejudice…” — Arturo Schomburg

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture — originally named The Division of Negro Literature, History and Prints — opened in 1925 in Harlem, and thanks to the initial contributions in 1926 of the man for whom it was named, it flourished. Without any prior knowledge of the history, upon hearing his last name, you might make assumptions about his identity. …

For A Group That Complains About “Victim” Mentality They Love To Invoke It

My day got brighter when I heard that Gina Carano had been dropped from her series and supposed potential spinoff for The Mandalorian. Of course there’s no guarantee it’ll stick as organizations such as these don’t defer to such trivial matters as moral dilemmas, but rather what will financially line their wallets most. Still it was a bright spot that day. The last straw was an IG story the actress posted that drew a parallel between Jewish people being persecuted during the Holocaust by neighbors (according to Carano’s post) and alt-right being persecuted in the United States. Let’s be clear…


Multi-ethnic creative non-binary. Spouts nonsense that occasionally makes sense. she/her/they/them

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